Enviromental respect
Highest energy efficiency
Highest energy efficiency
Extensive use of renewable
Extensive use of renewable

Systematic reduction of carbon emissions through the research of the highest energy efficiency

  • Strong focus on highest performances at peak as well as at part load
  • Innovative application of state-of-the-art technologies for energy reduction
  • Full range of solutions to increase system efficiency
  • Advanced heat pumps applications
  • Dedicated solutions for advanced plant room control and optimisation

Enabling an increased use of natural and renewable energy sources and their integration with the HVAC system as a key element.

  • Only electricity driven products, no fossil fuels consumption, no on-site CO2 emissions
  • Advanced heat recovery and heat pumps solutions for combined heating and coolingproduction
  • Extensive use of renewables such as air, water and ground
  • Synergistic integration with further green sources and renewables, such as solar thermal and PV, thus enabling the achievement of zero carbon emission HVAC system
Reduced noise emissions
Reduced noise emissions
Improved Green Certification Rating
Improved Green Certification Rating

Noise pollution is major hazards of modern life especially in highly industrialized and urbanized areas. Its reduction is a central factor to deliver sustainably a high quality of comfort

  • Sharp focus on noise emissions as a relevant cause of environmental impact
  • 4 silenced version available as standard on each product
  • Wide expertise with additional acoustic fittings for reduced emissions
  • State-of-the-art standard and witness testing facilities and strict procedures

Green certification systems are increasing their relevance for a successful building. As a brand of Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems S.p.A., it is important for Climaveneta to deliver HVAC solutions that can make a positive difference in terms of green rating systems

  • Improved energy performance, making a positive difference in all major green building certification programs and protocols.
  • Higher energy management rating thanks to advanced plant room optimization solutions, both in new as well as in existing buildings
  • Proven track of significant contribution to outstanding performances in outstanding buildings certified according to most green certifications schemes
Integrated Health Quality Environment policy
Integrated Health Quality Environment policy

Quality, Environment and Safety are three essential values to be taken into consideration during the production process, if we consider natural resources as public goods

  • Minimized carbon footprint of operations
  • Advanced waste and water recycling management in all production hubs
  • ISO14001 environmental certification
  • Compliance with strictest client regulations and corporate standards