Cut your hotel's HVAC energy consumption by 50% with Climaveneta’s heating & cooling solutions

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Climaveneta’s extensive experience with major hotel clients worldwide has enabled us to develop innovative solutions for hotels’ heating and cooling requirements.

Climaveneta’s tailored solutions:

- Reduce your energy costs
- Improve your guests' comfort
- Provide an accelerated ROI

Whilst delivering optimum comfort for the guests in your hotel, HVAC accounts for 45% of the total energy consumption and up to 5% of the initial investment.

It is a major source of environmental impact and directly affects the profitability of your business.

When installing one of Climaveneta’s essential heating and cooling systems you will reduce your energy costs by up to 40% whilst increasing the quality of comfort for your guests.
You will also optimise the profitability of your initial investment and demonstrate the highest standards of environmental respect to enhance your corporate reputation and reduce your potential exposure to carbon emissions taxes.

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